• Image of Hands Sewn Together EP

Anti-Clone's Debut EP Hands Sewn Together! Available for worldwide shipping!


Take This Pill

Here Comes The Flood


System (FT John Knight)

The Usurper



Without a doubt, and in no uncertain terms this EP will captivate, cultivate, salivate, excavate and titivate every sense as it wreaks havoc with its vicious frenzy of total satisfaction! – An emotional ride will be enjoyed by all fans of metal played at its utter best!


RingMaster Reviews

Hands Sewn Together is pure joy, an encounter which leaves the majority of releases this year standing in its shadow whilst as declared earlier making for a standard setting proposition. Even though Anti Clone has only just started redesigning and warping British metal, it is impossible not to get truly excited about the band.


Sprout Shout

"With a release show coming up, you will have an opportunity to own what is almost likely to become a piece of History"


Get Your Rock Out

"Less a sleek sports car and more a Mad Max battle wagon, this is an EP from a band who are signalling the way heavy music is likely to sound in the years to come. I hope to God they’re right."